Hebrew For Kids

It can be hard to find in-person classes that teach Hebrew to children. Online classes are a great option, but you may be wondering if your child will be able to stay focused in an online class. I have experience teaching Hebrew to children, so I understand these concerns. It’s not always easy for children to keep their attention focused. That’s why I have special classes just for kids!

Class Levels for Every Ability

These Hebrew classes just for kids are full of fun and entertaining activities to keep your child engaged. For example, I use animated videos to help explain language lessons. Games are another great way for children to stay involved in learning.

My goal isn’t just to teach your child Hebrew, it’s also to make sure your child has fun! As a result, kids look forward to my classes, and you won’t have to try to convince your child to attend. 

Don’t worry adults, your classes will be fun too! We will just focus more on the language that adults use in day-to-day life.

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